Google Ana.. What? And Why It Matters To PR

google_analytics1Over winter break, what does a Tech PR Nerd like me do? … Get their google analytics certificate of course! But, I had a lot of people ask why this would be useful in public relations. So I decided to write a blog post answering just that.

First, what Is Google AnalyticsGoogle analytics is a free software that allows users to track data from websites, mobile applications, or any web connected device.

Why should I care about analytics? In the career field of communications, I feel many don’t stop to think about how data can enhance their strategies. Think of analytics in these terms, it is like conducting a survey on steroids. Stay with me here… if a survey is gathering information from a few of your audience members; then Google Analytics is gathering information from everyone who attended the event.

How can it help my PR campaign? Ok, so we have established that Google Analytics can help you gather information about your audience. Now, you want to know what types of information you can gather, and how that information can help your campaigns. For this information, I turned to Cision’s blog (Cision is a leading PR software) for answers. Here are three ways to enhance your PR campaign with analytics.

  1. Event Tracking and Annotations

          One exciting feature that Google has is tracking your “events”. Google defines events as any user interactions pexels-photo-94654-copywith content such as downloads, video plays, e-commerce, and more. You can add annotations to specific events (such as entering the checkout) and note the dates you send out a press release, land coverage, post to a blog, and more. This allows you to correlate spikes in events to specific campaign efforts.

  1. Look Your Referral Traffic

Another interesting feature from Google is the ability to track referral traffic. For example, you can check how many people went directly to your website right after they read the story about your company on the New York Times website.

  1. Compare New Vs. Returning Visitors

Finally, for today’s conversation, Google can allow you to look at the percentage of website visitors that are new and returning. This is important for communicators because this may shift your strategy for talking to users. By understanding these metrics, you can understand how your content is performing and if a shift is needed.

 “The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” -Carly Fiorina

To look at Cision’s original article check out:


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