AI (Artificial Intelligence), Friend or Foe to PR?

After the Consumer ElectroniModel Pave Toys Robot Planet R2d2c Show, earlier this month, companies have made it apparent that Artificial Intelligence is the way of the future. But, will this technology help PR pros?

The reality is that AI is already being implemented into companies’ marketing and PR efforts. If Google has ever guessed what you’re searching for, or Netflix has recommended a movie to watch; then you too have used AI.

How will AI help future PR Pros? 

  1. Target Messaging

Much like how Google can predict what you might type next, AI will soon be able to optimize messaging to publics by looking at users data and language. These insights will mimic a more genuine one-on-one conversation rather than a mass advertisement. Programs like Salesforce Personalization Builder are already making headway in this area.

2. Content Creation

If you weren’t aware computers are already able to generate financial and sports reports. Soon enough, I may be able to generate my next blog post through software.

3. Identify Influencers & Create Media Lists

How do you find the best social media influencers or the right newspaper for your story? AI has already taken the struggle out of this with databases from Cision.

Don’t Panic Computers Are Not Taking Over Your Job

PR programs and campaigns still very much need a human touch to engage audiences. AI can only enhance these conversations by giving insight to your publics and industry. Successful PR Pros need to utilize the upcoming technology and embrace the future.


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