Biggest Social Media Trend for 2017

Unknown.jpgThe biggest social media trend for 2017 is Live Video.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all included it. We have seen it used for protests, sports, and factory tours. … Personally, I’m not a fan. It’s like TV we don’t watch anything live anymore, besides, they are usually long. However, Facebook does a great job letting viewers watch them later. I think that is where live video will excel. Another problem with live video content is they seem too much like ads or even press releases. PR Pros need to figure out is how to create interesting and engaging live content (think… What would a news station broadcast a live video for?).

Live video has the potential to let “brands engage with audiences in a way that’s immediate, unscripted, unedited and more authentic.” And it is currently effective for events such as a  baseball games, marketing events, interesting lectures, and celebrities doing something cool. Bottom line, if its time sensitive it is effective.

Experiment with live video. It has the potential to triple social engagement compared to prerecorded video.

Good Luck!




One thought on “Biggest Social Media Trend for 2017

  1. The trend has make me wonder does each company copying other’s idea. After Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat advance their features, I feel these three social media platforms suddenly look so similar. The idea to import live video is good however, each social media should has its own feature spotlight. I also have the same feeling as you that these video content is a bit like commercials or ads.


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