Chatting About Chatbots For PR

pexels-photo-190362 copy.jpgOne of my biggest pet peeves is playing phone tag with people. This happened last week when my insurance company needed to confirm something. We played phone tag for almost a week, just to have me answer a simple question. What a huge waste of my time! What is even worse is that it could have been fixed with a little technology.

The Solution: a chatbot!

 Chatbots are programs that use artificial intelligence to preform tasks and answer questions. Have you ever asked Siri to set an alarm or talked to a robot on the phone for a customer service issue? It’s the same idea.

But why should I tell you when I can show you with a 60 second video…


Both Forbes  and Edelman have named chatbots as one of the top business technology trends for 2017. Already about 80% of companies have already used or plan to use chatbots by 2020. These bots have the potential to deliver personal one-on-one conversations with large groups of customers through popular messaging apps, like Facebook messenger.

Case Study: Whole Foods

To understand the power of chatbots lets hear from Nichele Lindstorm the director of digital for WholeFoods.

“Chatbots are the new websites, and messaging platforms are the new browsers”

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