Measuring ROI for PR


Forbes recently wrote an article about modern PR companies that are redefining the industry. One that the article mentioned is AirPR. The company uses powerful analytics to help PR Pros identify which tactics are delivering a solid return on investment (ROI) and which tactics that need more refinement. 

ROI for PR has traditionally been difficult to track because its not always direct or immediate. For example, earned media may create a favorable impression that influences a buyer’s decision months later. The customer may not even realize the influence the earned media mention has on them.

Unknown.jpgHow can ROI be measured?

Increase in website traffic– By tracking events and website referrals with programs like Google analytics PR Pros can link  tactics to the increase in website traffic.

Search engine ranking- A large factor in how Google determines top search results is the number and authority of the sites linking back to yours. For example, that New York Times article that you landed can cause your site to have better search engine results.

Media mentions- Using media monitoring and social listening can prove the increase in impressions about your brand.

Change in sentiment-  Sentiment analysis assigns an attitude (e.g. positive, negative or natural) to each brand mention. Software, like Crimson Hexagon, can track this my analyzing language that is used.


“Content leads to conversations, conversations build relationships, and relationships result in ROI.”


One thought on “Measuring ROI for PR

  1. Hello, Kristin. Your post grabs my attention because we choose the same kernel for last week. It is interesting to read the post (same kernel) that explained in different ways. I like your final quote. It contains much more meaning. I think we all mentioned how to measure the ROI. That made me feel ROI is really important in PR industry.


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