The Growing Power of Visual Content

If you have skimmed any social media channels lately, you might have noticed the increase in visual content. It is everywhere, including video, infographics, pictures, and more. There is a good reason for this as from 2015 to 2016 marketers use of visual content increased a whooping 130%! Why the sudden move to visual? With… Continue reading The Growing Power of Visual Content

Media Monitoring & Social Listening

With the vast universe of the internet, it can be hard for brands to understand what customers are saying about them and what is going on within the industry. Media Monitoring A morning for a PR Pro starts with scanning the news for information about your client, its competitors, and the industry. This used to be… Continue reading Media Monitoring & Social Listening

PR/Media Software Powerhouse: Cision

When discussing PR software, the company Cision is one of the biggest players. In my studies at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, the company has come up several times while talking to professors and alumni. I wanted to dive into why this company is so important. What is Cision?    … Continue reading PR/Media Software Powerhouse: Cision

AI (Artificial Intelligence), Friend or Foe to PR?

After the Consumer Electronic Show, earlier this month, companies have made it apparent that Artificial Intelligence is the way of the future. But, will this technology help PR pros? The reality is that AI is already being implemented into companies’ marketing and PR efforts. If Google has ever guessed what you’re searching for, or Netflix has… Continue reading AI (Artificial Intelligence), Friend or Foe to PR?

Google Ana.. What? And Why It Matters To PR

Over winter break, what does a Tech PR Nerd like me do? … Get their google analytics certificate of course! But, I had a lot of people ask why this would be useful in public relations. So I decided to write a blog post answering just that. First, what Is Google Analytics? Google analytics is a… Continue reading Google Ana.. What? And Why It Matters To PR